Bottling of Liquids

  • Oils, extracts, liquid raw materials or mixtures
  • In jars, bottles or dispensers
  • Various volumes
  • Caps, droppers and pipette caps
  • Labelling and printing of batch numbers

We also pack your bottles with package insert in a folding box.

Blister and Folding Boxes

More than 60 blister tools for all kinds of capsules and tablets
Individual design of packaging material
Package band & displays

Containers and Jars

Various volumes
Containers with reclosable caps
Induction seal
Jars in different colours

Stick Filling

Powders & granules
Wide range of sizes (2 g – 10 g)
Development of formulations

Sustainable Packaging

Container made from pure plant-based renewable resources
Good for the environment, while upholding the usual outstanding quality
Sustainable and CO2-conscious